PBM / Covid-19 Study Registration

An investigation of
Photobiomodulation (PBM)
and its effects on COVID-19 symptoms.

Photobiomodulation (PBM)/ COVID-19

(Coming Soon) Research Study: Light (Photobiomodulation) as a Therapeutic for active COVID-19 and Post-COVID-19

Welcome to a pivotal and key research study, Given expected positive results - a reduction in COVID-19 symptoms- it is anticipated that PBM will be nationally acknowledged as an effective therapeutic for reduction of symptoms of COVID-19 and Post-COVID-19, inflammatory illnesses

What is the study about?

We have a technology that is non-invasive, safe and available and has been used by individuals with COVID-19 and reported to reduce COVID-19 symptoms during active infection and Post infection. This study seeks to confirm and support the use of Photobiomodulation as a therapeutic for COVID-19.

This at home SELF-CARE technology SUPPORTS HEALTH AND WELLNESS AND LIFE! Information about Photobiomodulation and COVID-19 plus a link to a store for Equipment (if needed) can be obtained from. https://covidlighttherapy.com

Who qualifies to participate:
This study will include individuals that currently have COVID-19, or have ongoing Post COVID-19 symptoms as well as individuals who experienced COVID-19 in the past. Sharing experiences is valuable -- called a retrospective study experiences from individuals who previously had COVID or Post COVID and used lights during their illness is a very valuable contribution to demonstrating the value of this technology. .

Funding: We continue to seek funding and request grant and other funds to pay the costs of equipment and labs but until then there will be an expense to participate, hopefully to be refunded. We consider participants co sponsors of this research and will hopefully be able to refund the cost incurred.

Study Tasks: After an intake and education meeting and a signed informed consent, participants will use a personal approved set of lights (pad system) 3-4 times a week in their own home or office. On the day of use they will schedule 3-4 light sessions. They will document how they are feeling related to general symptoms or to personal unique symptoms twice a day: morning and evening . A log sheet will be provided.

We are also seeking participants willing to provide information about an inflammatory marker CRP before the use of light pads begins and again at the end. This requires a blood draw which will be ordered through HealthLabs and will be a participant expense.


Cohort A. Current/Active COVID -19 : users of Photobiomodulation and are currently having COVID-19 symptoms
Cohort B. Current/ Post-COVID -19 : users of Photobiomodulation and are currently having Post COVID-19 Symptoms
Cohort C. Retrospective: Past users of Photobiomodulation during active COVID-19 and / or during Post COVID and are willing to share their experiences.

TO ENROLL Choose the link below for the registration and answer the questions as best you can.

A confirmation email will be sent with details about the study and participants responsibilities. An intake meeting will be scheduled with the Principal Investigator or a Study Coach. Once questions are answered and the documents are signed then participants will set their own schedule with a required revisit in 6 weeks.

Protocol Number: MMDWG-PBM-002
Principle Investigator: Marcia Marye Denton, MA., MEd., CLTI (Certified Light
Therapy Instructor) 39 E Sunset Dr. Kerrville, TX 78028 / 830 377-3736
Co-Investigator: Mary Wisniewski, PA 0-1068 Lincoln St. NW Grand Rapids,
Michigan 49534 /616-443-6982
Study Coordinator: Marcia Marye Denton, MA., MEd., CLTI (Certified Light Therapy
Instructor) and the Secretary to the Director of Hope Counseling Center
Executive Director & Editor: Kay Aubrey-Chimene, Director, Photonic Therapy
Institute, LLC, 29 Los Encinos Rd., Sonoita, AZ 85637 / 520.631.4206
Sponsors: MMD Wellness Group, LLC. (MMDWG) from Emergency Disaster Funds.
Photonic Therapy Institute, LLC. Grants are currently being applied for to reimburse


Questions? Need Assistance?

Our research team is here to answer your questions. Please contact Research Lead Marcie Denton at 830-377-7936 for assistance. We appreciate your time and consideration, as we seek to improve the lives and recovery journey for those who have encountered Covid-19.